Tuesday, June 1, 2021

Increasing awareness that life is holy.

Increasing awareness that life is holy.

Call it an energy shift, call it a cosmic cycle, call it the overhaul of humanity, or whatever you will, but what’s occurring on Earth right now is, you can be sure, very real. It’s touching lives emotionally, physically, and spiritually. Some lives more than others, but none are immune. This experience is global in scope. Talk to people. Just ask them. Talk to people anywhere, everywhere. They’ll tell you: Yes, life has been tumultuous lately. More than usual. More than normal. For some, more than ever.

Walsch, Neale Donald. The Only Thing That Matters (Conversations With Humanity Book 2) (pp. 4-5). Hay House. Kindle Edition. 

What Neale seems to be describing is an evolutionary push for higher levels of consciousness. Ken Wilber calls this simply “Levels.” Developmental models have phases, stages, levels, whatever you want to call them. Is there a collective growth occurring pushing humanity to a further level of consciousness?

Yes, this is what the Covid-19 and climate warming and digital communication is doing to us, usually below our level of consciousness. We are becoming more and more aware of what Unitarian Universalists call the “interdependent web of existence.” This is no more evident than the idea of “supply chains” which became so evident with the toilet paper shortage during Covid-19.

When we experience the shortage of supply we become acutely aware of how interdependent we are and that our dependence makes us feel vulnerable and fragile. The push is for harmony, for working together, for the valuing of every link in the chain, an awareness that every person is important. We become more aware than ever of the inherent worth and dignity of every person and that we sink or swim together.

This awareness brings us back to what really matters. It is not the individual as much as the whole. Life is not linear and reductionistic but systemic and one. Our recent experiences have changed our understanding of who and what we are as human beings. We are forced to see life as whole (holy) if we are to survive.

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