Friday, August 27, 2021

Quote of the day - Without a vision the people will perish

Unitarian Universalism has failed to create a meta narrative around which people can collaborate and thrive. This failure is the biggest challenge facing the denomination at both the congregational and the association levels.

Editor's note: The Unitarian Universalist leadership has failed to create a vision for the denomination around which people can coalesce with united energy. It has fractured into affinity groups such as UU Buddhists, UU Christians, UU Humanists, etc. Further, it gets side tracked into social justice issues without there being an spiritual framework to support the social justice work.

Every congregation has developed its own schtick which facilitates separation and division rather than unity and a shared understanding of the essence of the faith.

Without a metanarrative which all UUs can share, the denomination will never grow and flourish. 

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