Thursday, September 9, 2021

What do you think about the UU A Way Of Life ACIM workbook commentaries?

 A person asked about A Course In Miracles and how it might relate to the twelve step program of Alcoholics Anonymous. The question also was raised about how ACIM might be incorporated into Unitarian Universalism. In attempting to relate the ACIM workbook lessons to AA and UU has resulted in this year's study of the workbook of ACIM which we are coming to an end of in the next two weeks after one year.

The ACIM workbook lessons relate to people at different stages of spiritual development. However, the lessons are easier to understand and apply if the student understands the underlying metaphysical model of the Course which is based on the nonduality of the Divine.

The Course uses a post integral world view based on the idea that the Course was channeled to Helen Schuman by Jesus. The post integral world view is a stage or level of development which only a small percentage of the population have attained so far at this point in human evolution. Therefore, the number of students using this material is very small.

If you have been studying this material, the usefulness of it is found in the application of the daily lessons in one's own life and in sharing the ideas and applications with others.

It would be helpful to improve our understanding of this material if you would comment on how the material has been useful in your life and in the lives of those you have shared it with.

Thank you for your attention and assistance.

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