Saturday, October 9, 2021

Miracles occur based on what we give our attention to.

Miracles are thoughts. Thoughts can represent the lower or bodily level of experience, or the higher or spiritual level of experience. One makes the physical, and the other creates the spiritual. T-1.1.12:1-3

What A Course In Miracles teaches and trains people for is mind control. On what do you give your attention? What you give our attention to creates your reality. If you give your attention to negative things your experience of life will be negative. If you give your attention to positive things your experience of life will be positive. Your attention can be given to both the positive and the negative. What is most real and most true in your estimation? It’s up to you.

In Alcoholic Anonymous negative thoughts and pessimism is called “stinkin thinkin.” People in AA warn its members against it.

In Unitarian Universalism people covenant together to affirm and promote the free and responsible search for truth and meaning. What is it the person is searching for? Based on the psychological mechanism of confirmation bias a person tends to find evidence for what they expect is true. So would one want to find goodness, truth, and beauty or evil, deceit, and ugliness?

Today, we are reminded that we should be careful what we look for because our perception no matter how skewed, distorted, and erroneous will give us what we want. The miracle is in our mind’s eye. Jesus taught that the way to the kingdom is to “love as I have loved.” What’s in your heart, love or fear?

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