Sunday, November 28, 2021

Perennial Philosophy - The Two Realms

 Developed over thousands of years, the perennial philosophy is a treasure house of humankind’s accumulated wisdom. Vast in scope, profound in depth, it offers numberless insights into the nature of life and love, health and happiness, suffering and salvation. 

At its heart lie four crucial claims—actually observations, since they are based on direct insights by advanced spiritual practitioners—about reality and human nature. 1) There are two realms of reality. The first is the everyday realm with which we are all familiar, the world of physical objects and living creatures. This is the realm accessible to us via sight and sound and studied by sciences such as physics and biology. But beneath these familiar phenomena lies another realm far more subtle and profound: a realm of consciousness, spirit, Mind, or Tao. This world cannot be known through the physical senses and only indirectly through the physical instruments of science. Moreover, this realm creates and embraces the physical realm and is its source. This domain is not limited by space or time or physical laws, since it creates space, time, and physical laws, and hence it is unbounded and infinite, timeless and eternal.

Walsh, Roger. Essential Spirituality (pp. 6-7). Turner Publishing Company. Kindle Edition. 

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