Thursday, November 11, 2021

The shift of apprehension from the world of the ego to the world of Spirit is a miracle.

The fifty principles of miracles provides the student with an overview of the metaphysics of A Course In Miracles. The metaphysics of A Course In Miracles is the undoing of our belief that we are separate from God. This shift in perception and understanding is the miracle.

The major themes in A Course of Miracles are nonduality and undoing of the perception of separation. In the commentary here the attempt has been made to tie these themes to the teachings of Alcoholics Anonymous and Unitarian Universalism. The purpose of the attempt at this alignment is synergy which allows the ideas to expand and extend in widening circles of spiritual development of people on our planet. These ideas are foreign to the majority of the population of the earth at the present time. There is a tremendous need for spiritual growth for humanity if we are to survive as a species. The spiritual growth to the appreciation of nonduality is the next step in human evolution as we come to appreciate the interdependent web of all existence of which we are a part.

A Course In Miracles teaches that our perception of the ego world is an illusion. Quantum physics teaches the same thing. Is the table you see as a material object a real thing or simply a collection of atoms, and waves of energy condensed and solidified undetectable without x ray vision?

A Course In Miracles, as well as Alcoholics Anonymous and Unitarian Universalist theology, helps us apprehend our lived experiences in a mindful instead of a mindless way. These commentaries on the fifty principles of miracles are intended to assist in the development of this apprehension.

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