Monday, January 31, 2022

Cause and Effect

Actually, “Cause” is a term properly belonging to God, and His “Effect” is His Son. This entails a set of Cause and Effect relationships totally different from those you introduce into miscreation. The fundamental conflict in this world, then, is between creation and miscreation. All fear is implicit in the second, and all love in the first. The conflict is therefore one between love and fear. T-2.VII.3:11-15

A Course in Miracles . Foundation for Inner Peace. Kindle Edition. 

The word “God” is sometimes defined as “first cause.” God is the Ground Of Being, the Force, the Transcendent Source from which we are an extension if we choose to become aware of it. Unfortunately, we have chosen not to be aware of this and  because of our willfulness we think we have created ourselves which the Course calls “miscreation.” It is our thinking which is mistaken due to our lack of awareness, recognition, acknowledgement, and acceptance of Unconditional Love from our Cause.. 

When we miscreate we are fearful for unconsciously we know we are wrong. We have denied Unconditional Love so we can miscreate our egos.

In Alcoholics Anonymous it is suggested, in step eleven, that we improve our conscious contact with God. AA invites us to acknowledge and accept Unconditional Love instead of clinging to our egos.

In Unitarian Universalism, our Universalist heritage is faith in the unconditional love of God. It is this faith which is the antidote to fear.

Today, we are invited to consider the Cause, God, and the Effect, our Oneness with God, as the foundation of Creation. This awareness is experienced as great peace and joy. The opposite, our egos, is a miscreation which generates fear. Which do we want? Which will we choose?

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