Saturday, January 29, 2022

Jeff Bezos has enough money. Support our local book store, Lift Bridge Book Shop, in Brockport, NY

 Jeff Bezos has enough money. $169 billion is enough.

So how about supporting our local book store, Lift Bridge book shop in Brockport, NY? It is family owned by a young couple raising four kids.

Buy from Lift Bridge either in person or ordering on line and have the book shipped to you.

If you do, I'll pay your shipping. Just let me know your shipping costs and your address and I will  reimburse you in cash. 

I have no financial stake in the Lift Bridge book store. I just love it and want it to continue to be an anchor store in our small Victorian village of Brockport, NY.

To go the Lift Bridge Book Shop web site click here.


David Markham

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