Tuesday, April 5, 2022

Going with the flow

God is not the author of fear. You are. You have chosen to create unlike Him, and have therefore made fear for yourself. You are not at peace because you are not fulfilling your function. God gave you a very lofty function that you are not meeting. Your ego has chosen to be afraid instead of meeting it. When you awaken you will not be able to understand this, because it is literally incredible. Do not believe the incredible now. Any attempt to increase its believableness is merely to postpone the inevitable. The word “inevitable” is fearful to the ego, but joyous to the spirit. God is inevitable, and you cannot avoid Him any more than He can avoid you. T-4.I.9: 1-11

A Course in Miracles . Foundation for Inner Peace. Kindle Edition. 

Anxiety disorders are the most frequently diagnosed psychiatric diagnosis in the United States. Why would that be? What is it that people are so afraid of? The answer is that they are afraid of their ego attachments and desires being lost. As the paragraph above states, God did not cause these fears, we bring them upon ourselves.

In Alcoholics Anonymous it is suggested in step three that we make a decision to turn our willfulness over to the will of God? This decision is easy. It is a choice between continued sanity and peace.

In Unitarian Universalism we covenant together to affirm and promote the free and responsible search for truth and meaning. This truth and meaning is to be found in the world of Spirit not in the world of the ego.

Today, it is suggested that we stop blaming God and playing the victim. We have inflicted our own suffering upon ourselves because, as the Buddhists teach, of our attachments. We have to be willing to recognize that attachments are the source of suffering and peace is found in going with the flow.

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