Thursday, April 14, 2022

UU A Way Of Life - No paywalls, no ads, provided free of charge.

Have you noticed that there is no paywall on this blog? Have you noticed that there are no ads on this blog? A person might ask, how do you monetize the consumption of the creative work you provide here? The answer is “by donations.” People are free to donate or not depending on the degree to which they desire to support the work being done, the goals striven to be achieved, the mission being implemented, and the vision being pursued.

Donations can be made in the form of time, talent, and treasure. Will you take the time to make a comment, forward a post to a friend, family member or other person you think might be interested in the ideas described on this site? Will you share your talent in the form of thoughtful commentary, expanding in some form the ideas here that seem significant and matter to you?  Lastly, you can donate money using the paypal button, to maintain and promote the blog and sometimes compensate creators for materials they are commissioned to produce for use on the site.

So what is the work being done, the goals striven for, the mission implemented, and the vision pursued? The answers to these questions will be provided in subsequent articles because these questions are worthy of more detailed descriptions than can be provided here in this article.

To be continued

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