Friday, March 3, 2023

Skill 5 - Awareness of the Ego self/Higher Self - Who is driving my life?

The idea of an ego self and a genuine self is accepted in psychology and is a significant concept in Spiritual Intelligence. The ego self is the fa├žade which we put forward to get along, to belong, to manipulate others to interact with us to achieve our goals.

The Higher Self is the genuine self, the real deal, what I really think, what I really feel, what I really prefer. The Higher Self is honest while the ego self is false. The question raised by this skill in Wigglesworth’s model of SQ is to what extent are we aware of the difference, and know where we are coming from at any particular time?

The indicator question is “Can you consistently hear the voice of your Higher Self? The possible answers are “low”, “medium”, or “high.”

There are many examples of using this skill such as going to confession after examining our conscience for mistakes (sins) we have made. In Twelve Step programs the fourth step, “do a fearless moral inventory” and report it to another human being, is a significant example.

In Psychotherapy, the client can express what they really think, what they really feel, and what they really prefer in a non anxious, non judgemental relationship. Good psychotherapy contributes to an awareness of the Higher Self.

The level of competence in the skills of spiritual intelligence is equivalent to one’s mental health.

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