Tuesday, March 14, 2023

When, if ever, have you felt loved unconditionally?

Can you be separated from your life and your being? The journey to God is merely the reawakening of the knowledge of where you are always, and what you are forever. It is a journey without distance to a goal that has never changed. Truth can only be experienced. It cannot be described and it cannot be explained. I can make you aware of the conditions of truth, but the experience is of God. Together we can meet its conditions, but truth will dawn upon you of itself. T-8.VI.9:5-11

A Course in Miracles (p. 296). Foundation for Inner Peace. Kindle Edition. 

The Buddhists say “It is what it is.” What is our holiness and oneness with our Creator which we share in which we name “Life”? People say they don’t believe in God but who can say they don’t believe in Life?

In Unitarian Universalism some of us are aware that Francis David said that we need not think alike to love alike. The Truth of God cannot be explained or even completely described. The Truth of God has to be experienced. The Truth of God is that we are loved unconditionally.

Today it is suggested that we recall when, if ever, we felt loved unconditionally. If we have had this experience we are called to share it with others.

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