Thursday, January 8, 2009

January 8, 2003 Kate Berrigan engages in civil disobedience stunt

Three activists, including Kate Berrigan (daughter of Phil) and Liz McAlister, rappelled down a 32-story skyscraper near the Los Angeles Auto Show and unfurled a banner reading “Ford: Holding America Hostage To Oil.” They had chosen Ford due to its having the lowest average fuel economy of any auto manufacturer, and that it was not living up to the reputation it put forth as being an environmental car company.

You read an article by Kate Berrigan about her civil disobedience activity on the Jonah House web site by clicking here.

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  1. My understanding of civil disobedience is that it is the knowing and willful breaking of an unfair law in order to challenge the validity of that unfair law in court a court of law or at least in the court of public opinion. Kate Berrigan may have broken some laws in carrying out this protest but she did not commit civil disobedience. I have already critiqued, aka called bullshit on. . . the ersatz "civil disobedience" of UUA President Bill Sinkford and other publicity seeking U*U clergy who break perfectly fair minor laws such trespassing laws etc. in order to reap the media attention derived from being arrested during a protest.