Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Morning meditation - The purpose of life

Daddy, what is the purpose of life?

The purpose of life, dear, is to become the best person that God has created you to become.

How do I do that, Dad?

You do that by taking good care of yourself and by serving the world.

And then what, Dad?

You will live a life of meaning, satisfaction, and fulfillment.

Will I be happy?


Will I be sad and suffer?

You will be sad no doubt, but I hope you won't suffer.

What causes suffering, Daddy?

It is a lack of understanding, dear?

What do you mean?

People are unaware. There consciousness is at a low level. They think everything is about them. Their egos are running their lives.

Egos? What's that?

It's when people are selfish. They think the world is all about them and that they are the center of the universe and everything should happen the way they want it to.

Daddy, I love everybody and I just want the whole world to be happy.

I know dear. That's why God created you and had you be born to make yourself and the whole world happy. Now you have to figure out how you can best do that since God made you special with certain talents and abilities and interests. There is nobody else in the world just like you. So, I think, God probably wants you to do something special.

Really?! Wow. I love you, Daddy.

I love you, and God loves you too, more than anything in the world.

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