Friday, December 4, 2009

Michael Moore stands up on Afghanistan escalation speaking for peace

Michael Moore on Larry King on 12/02/09 discussing escalation of Afghanistan war.

Video lasts 10:58


  1. Well The Emerson Avenger likes the part where Michael says -

    "If they're the enemy you fight them until they're done. Until you win and they lose." :-)

    Clearly Michael Moore is not entirely anti-war. Quite evidently Michael has few qualms about *engaging* in a "war of words".

  2. Hi Robin:

    I like the part where he says there is no reason for us to be in Afghanistan to begin with. What is the purpose of our being there? Who is the enemy we are fighting?

    It doesn't seem that anyone can explain this without vague references to Al Queda and the Taliban but the Taliban never did anything to the United States did they? How is the Taliban any of our business? Do we need 100,000 troops to go after 100 possible members of Al Queda?

    The explanation makes no sense. How stupid is our congress? How stupid are the American people? What is the real hidden agenda? That's what inquiring minds want to know.

  3. Sorry to be slow to respond to your comment David, but I only just saw it now. I expect that there are several purposes for being in Afghanistan although all are open to some debate. The enemy is clearly the Taliban and Al Qaeda. I am not sure that the Taliban *never* did anything to the United States. It seems that, at minimum, the Taliban did "harbor and protect" Osama bin Laden and provided other support to Al Qaeda. As far as the Taliban being any of the U.S.A.'s *business* I seem to recall an "unsubstantiated rumour" to the effect that the U.S.A. tried to negotiate an oil pipeline through Afghanistan with the Taliban a while back. Come to think of it, maybe the U.S.A. should just buy the Afghan poppy harvest to make pharmaceuticals. . .

    I agree that you do not necessarily need 100,000 troops to go after 100 possible members of Al Queda but who says there are only 100 possible members of Al Queda? And then there's the Taliban who don't seem to be the most pleasant characters in the world and there a some thousands of them. As U*Us know, I am well versed in assymetric warfare and well understand how it might take an overwhelmingly superior military force to patrol and police a region in order to try to bring some stability to it. I expect that only a fraction of the trops in Afghanistan are actually going after the Taliban. In any case, my point was that Michael Moore is obviously not totally anti-war and, like me and most people, agrees that if one *is* involved in a war you fight the enemy, whoever they may be, until they're done. Until you win and they lose.

    I am no fan of real blood and guts war, but unfortunately we live in a world where if we are not ready, willing, and able to fight real blood and guts wars we risk losing the human rights and freedoms and other Western values that we cherish. I don't recall Hitler, or indeed Tojo, doing anything to the U.S.A. prior to Sunday December 7th, 1941 do you? Somehow I have a feeling that we will be hearing from the Taliban and Al Qaeda or other exponents of radical Islam for some time yet. . . We shouldn't get *too* "comfortable" otherwise we may well be afflicted again. . .