Friday, December 4, 2009

Tragic abuses by Catholic Church in Ireland

To read about the tragic abuse by religious figures in Ireland is a sad story, but sadder still is how this wide spead abuse went on for so long and no clerical action was taken to deal with the sins.

We have been discussing a sin a lot on this blog recently and the examples of institutional sin are quite astounding in governmental, corporate, and religious organizations. How does this get explained and understood? It is more that "just a few bad apples" as governmental officials are quick to explain. There is something more corrupt at the core of institutional functioning itself.

Unitarian Universalism has had its own problems which it handles in a "hush hush" way sweeping the dirt under the rug. Based on my psychiatric training I have learned that "narcissistic wounds" get coped with in two primary ways: avoidance, and rage. Avoidance seems to be the primary method used for institutions who have a public image to protect. The public image often takes precedence over the "free and responsible search for truth and meaning", i.e. justice.

It you would like to read more about what's going on in Ireland as written in the Washington Post, click here.

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