Monday, May 31, 2010

The illusion of the fifth principle

"Granny D pointed out to me our national history of elitism, saying, 'We started up with white men and property, that's who could vote.' She added, 'We don't have a democracy, and we never have had a democracy.'"
Henry Alford, How To Live, p. 20

Unitarian Universalists like to puff their chests out and brag about their principles but take a look at how they practice.

Only the rich go to General Assembly and vote on stuff. The poor people can't afford to go. If you've got the money and resources you get to participate, but if you are a peasant forget it. GA is only for the Lords and Ladies.


  1. And the occasional Emerson Avenger, Dark Knight of the U*U World.

    Probably won't be there this year, but U*Us never know. . . :-)

  2. U*U "democracy" sucks in any number of other ways too. . .

    I have seen plenty of examples of U*Us egregiously misusing and abusing democratic principles when they bother to use them at all.

  3. David - this is something that a UU congregation could fix today. It's just a matter of what the budget priorities are in a congregation.

    One should if one's congregation provides any funding subsidy for GA delegates or if the congregation expects them to pay their own way. And if there is any GA travel funding, is it only available for more than just paid staff?