Monday, August 22, 2011

There are no levels to miracles

One of the mysteries of life is never knowing how my thoughts, feelings, and behavior affect another person. There seems to be no accounting for it. It can be a fleeting thing such as "I read that article on your blog", or " I saw you in the mall the other day, but you didn't see me."

Sometimes we have what ACIM calls a "sustained relationship" which is a relationship which is more intentional and deliberate, and then we separate. This happens to me all the time at work, and in community organizations, and with "friends" with whom we engage in intentional activities.

The third level of relationships are "lifelong". These lifelong relationships continue even if they are not honored. We can divorce, disown, and otherwise cut people off, but they are like ghosts that haunt our lives because even if there is no contact, there is unfinished business.

A Course In Miracles teaches that there is no levels in teaching relationships.

It is written in the Manual For Teachers in the section entitled "What are the levels of teaching?":

      “The teachers of God have no set teaching level. Each teaching-learning situation involves a different relationship at the beginning, although the ultimate goal is always the same; to make of the relationship a holy relationship, in which both can look upon the Son of God as sinless. There is no one from whom a Teacher of God cannot learn, so there is no one whom he cannot teach.”

Unitarian Universalists recognize this "truth" when we covenant to affirm and promote the "acceptance of one another and encouragement to spiritual growth in our congregations." I drop the " our congregations" because the Course teaches that the Atonement is the acceptance of one another and encouragement to spiritual growth everywhere. Why limit it to just people in our congregations?

As has been mentioned earlier, Teachers of God teach constantly by being who they are. As Stephen Gaskin has said, ultimately the only thing we have to offer another human being is our own state of being.

Take good care of yourself today. Spend as much time as you can in your "happy place". When you are experiencing "good vibes" within yourself, they ripple out to the rest of the Universe and we all are one step closer to the At-one-ment. As Jesus said, the Kingdom is within you. When people experience you experiencing the Kingdom within you a Miracle occurs.

Dominus vobiscum.

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