Thursday, August 18, 2011

What do you teach?

It says in A Course In Miracles that you teach what you learn and you learn what you teach. So what do you teach?

It also says in the course that teaching is to demonstrate and we demonstrate what we believe by how we live, what we think, how we manage our emotions, and how we behave.

Pretty simple ideas, right?

But choosing what we want to teach can be a miracle if, in our choosing, we shift our perception from the ego based mind of separation to the spiritual realm of love.

I have known since I was a child that I was called and put on this earth to serve others. This idea was reinforced by my mother's insistence as the oldest of 5 that I take an older brother's responsibility for my younger siblings. Part of this insistence on her part was dysfunctional because she turned me into a surrogate husband emotionally, but it also served me well as it reinforced innate talents and abilities to care for others.

Deep down what makes you tick? Once you understand this, you will become aware of what you teach yourself and others continually.

As Unitarian Universalists we covenant to affirm and promote our 7 principles and in doing so we say to ourselves and to the world that these are the 7 ideas that we value and we are choosing these 7 things to teach ourselves and others.

I can take those 7 principles and daily examine my conscience and ask myself, "How have you demonstrated these values in the last week to yourself and to others, and how do you intend to demonstrate them in the coming week?"

If you are demonstrating these values in an ongoing way you should experience increasing degrees of peace, and if you are not demonstrating these values well you will experience increasing degrees of anxiety.

Dominus vobiscum

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  1. I teach lessons to hypocritical Unitarian Universalist clergy and lay leaders.

    Managed to "kill"* two U*U bird-brains with one well aimed stone last night. . .

    * Figuratively speaking of course.