Thursday, June 12, 2014

Thought for the day - Does drama have worth and dignity?

"I see now that my mother, all her life, was playing to an audience. I think it's how she would have liked to end her days: onstage." 

Linda McCullough Moore, in her story, "On My Way Now", in The Sun in April, 2014, p.21


  1. Drama is the opposite of what is referred to as inherent worth and dignity. Drama is the work of the ego wanting, demanding attention by attacking and seducing solicitude from others. The saints want nothing to do with it while Legion creates it continually for amusement, distraction, vindictiveness. What it boils down to is the constant choice between love and fear.

  2. Talk about drama. How about this one?

    Husband: What do you want for your birthday, dear?
    Wife: I better not say.......
    Husband: C'mon, what do you want? A diamond ring?
    Wife: You know I don't care for diamonds.
    Husband: How about a mink coat?
    Wife: You know I'm a member of PETA and against fur coats.
    Husband: Fine then, what do you want?
    Wife: I think what I really want is a divorce.
    Husband: I wasn't planning on spending that much!