Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Story of the day - Exposed at a young age to too many theme parks

Linda McCullough Moore writes in her short story, "Baby Doll" in her book This Road Will Take You Closer To The Moon, about Margaret who comes home after many years to visit with her family. The scene being described is a conversation among the family members and Moore writes about Margaret:

     "The only place we will not go tonight is me. Conversation never wanders there. I have been waiting ever since my first visit home from college, freshman year, for someone in the family to say, 'So. Margaret. How are you?' or, in some spoken way, to acknowledge my existence and the fact that I have been three states away, for weeks, for months, now suddenly, for thirty-seven years.

     "So tell me about Brandon," one of the sisters says.

     "Oh, he's too young for long-term care insurance, " Eileen says.

     Brandon, Eileen's son, a man who throughout his late teens and early twenties devoted his life to following professional wrestlers on tour. A natural consequence, I like to think, of his having been too exposed at a young age to one too many theme parks." p.54

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