Sunday, September 17, 2017

Radical hospitality

Went to church today, Sunday, 09/18/17. First time this new church year. The theme this month is "radical hospitality." The sermon was mush. Preacher seemed to miss the point. Didn't get what I wanted so I thought I would write my own sermon.

What is "radical hospitality?" Bottom line: it is hosting and welcoming people you don't like, people you find repugnant, people who scare you. It is easy to be nice and welcoming and host to people you like or aspire to ingratiate yourself with. That's mostly what passes for hospitality in churches looking to add to its membership. How about hosting and welcoming people your are afraid of and/or don't like? Now that's radical. It's based on our UU first principle.

Somebody asked Mother Teresa one time, "Mother, Jesus said that the way to the kingdom is to love as I have loved. Who should I love?" Mother Teresa said, "Whomever life puts in your path." And we can add, even if they scare you or you don't like them.

That's the hard teaching I wanted to hear and didn't. So I preach to myself and ask God for the courage and strength to be kind to the people who scare me.

Amen. May it be so.


  1. I think your definition of radical hospitality is right on the money. I'm sorry you didn't hear what you wanted to hear and needed to hear. That often happens to me too. Maybe you should start your own church or at least keep writing here. I get a lot out of the articles here. Thanks!

  2. I love this blog. You are so funny and at times irreverent. You know how "mushy" UU sermons I've listened to? These preachers are afraid to upset or alienate their contributors so they guard their messages carefully. Truth sometimes hurts. Some people go to church to hear the truth not be patronized and condescended to. Didn't Emerson give a sermon along these lines one time?

  3. I hear you, brother. Preach on!


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