Monday, September 18, 2017

Why do you or don't you go to church?

Celebrate the ties that unite us is a sermon preached at All Soul's in Tulsa, Oklahoma, on Sunday, 09/17/17. It is a wonderful sermon that all UUs and many others not UU can benefit from.

Why do you go to church or not go to church?


  1. Loved all the vignettes. Most of them hit home. Great sermon! Great church. Wish I lived in Tulsa.

    1. Me too! I also enjoyed the sermon a lot. Rev. Lavanhar made some excellent points. I go to church looking for validation and inspiration. Unfortunately, often the services are full of psychobabble and UUs have to work harder on keepin it real. Ya feelin me?

  2. We go to church to tell each other stories about who we are, where we come from, what has happened to us, what we want, what we don't want, where we want to go in the future, what we want to have happen, and how we think what we want to have happen can happen.

    A UU congregation, like all congregations, if it is cohesive and functioning well, is a community of shared beliefs and desires for future developments.

    I went to church last Sunday and came away wondering who these people are and what they really want. They came together for some reason but I couldn't tell for sure what that reason was, some blind faith, maybe that they would be better off and others would be better off for having come together, in this spot, and this time.


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