Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Have you forgotten that you are loved?

The Universalists knew that they were loved, not condemned. They shared their message with the world and it spread in the early days like wild fire and then burned out. Few people believe it any more and when it is proclaimed, people sniff and turn back to their distractions.

They are afraid to look within. Afraid of what might lurk there. Franklin Delano Roosevelt said, famously, "The greatest fear is fearing fear itself." And we are a nation on anti-anxiety, and anti-depressant drugs, and our kids and fellow human beings are killing themselves suicidally and with inadvertent overdoses in the hundreds of thousands.

The spirirtual impoversishment in the United States is apparent, depicted daily with a psychopathic, criminal government which the people have elected. As we rip children from the arms of their parents under the guise of national policy to keep America safe, we have lost our way, and it is time for the Universalists to step forward again and start another fire of awareness to remind people of the love that is within and there is no need to fear.

Some people think that achieving enlightenment takes a lot of work over a long period of time. Osho says this is nonsense as does A Course In Miracles. The truth is that you are already enlightened, you just aren't aware of it. You have forgotten.

You can remember your enlightened consciousness in an instant. A Course In Miracles even calls it the "Holy Instant," moments when we merge into the Oneness and experience cosmic consciousness. Psychologists call it "flow." It is an orgasmic experience of bliss.

The orgasmic experience of bliss is not just physical, not just mechanical, it is all encompassing of body, mind, emotions, and spirit. It requires a huge letting go, a letting go of the ego. For some people this is easier than others. Avoidant and anxious types have great difficulty. Secure types find it much easier.

Realizing that Godliness is already a part of us is the antidote for fear and it is, in this realization, that we remember our natural inheritance which is enlightenment or Love with a capital L.

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