Wednesday, November 21, 2018

My Kind of Church Music - Give Me One Reason, Tracy Chapman and Eric Clapton


  1. Luke begged his girl friend not to leave him saying, "I'm sorry. I promise not to cry so much."

    Heather called him pathetic and left after she found Luke in bed with her best friend, Tricia.

  2. The UU covenant can be characterized with fidelity and infidelity. Schism is very common in UU congregations because of their inability to resolve conflict. Often the democratic process breaks down when people vote with their pocket books and their feet. What is the answer when offended, indignant parties say, "Give me one reason to stay?"

    The answer, of course, is, "Stay, because, in spite of our disagreements, you are needed to fulfill the covenant to affirm and promote our principles."


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