Monday, April 1, 2019

UU A Way Of Life Index

UU A Way Of Life ministries index is a regular feature which appears on Mondays.
  • Percentage of 364 convictions overturned because of DNA evidence since 1992 = 70
  • Percentage of those cases overturned which were convicted based on eyewitness testimony when witness and suspect were of different races = about 50%

  • Number of troops U.S. military now plans to keep in Syria = 1,000
  • Number of troops President Trump said would be kept in Syria 3 months ago = 0

  • Percentage of Americans expected to bet on outcome of "March Madness" basketball games = 20%
  • Amount of money expected to be bet on those games = $8.5 billion.

  • Of 100 million traffic stops, percentage of Caucasions found with contraband like guns and drugs according to Stanford University study = 36%
  • Percentage of blacks = 32%
  • Percentage of Latinos = 26%

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