Friday, February 7, 2020

Daily Reflections, Day Sixty one, Clearing the way for amazing grace

Day Sixty one
Clearing the way for amazing grace

“God has kept your Kingdom for you, but He cannot share His joy with you until you know it with your whole mind. Revelation is not enough, because it is only communication from God. God does not need revelation returned to Him, which would clearly be impossible, but He does want it brought to others. This cannot be done with the actual revelation; its content cannot be expressed, because it is intensely personal to the mind that receives it. It can, however, be returned by that mind to other minds, through the attitudes the knowledge from the revelation brings.” ACIM.T-4.VII.7:1-5

Sometimes people will tell a story about how their life was changed by a near death experience where they glimpsed heaven and returned with their consciousness changed and their lives will never be the same again. People listening to this kind of story can perceive that the person’s life has changed and yet the listener can only guess at what the teller’s experience has been like.

Similarly, people have revelatory experiences which they may attempt to describe to others but this attempt to convey the experience is difficult and rarely understood by the listener and so often the teller stops telling others and just keeps such experiences to oneself.

While the revelatory experience is kept to oneself, the person’s attitude toward life, the way the person conducts oneself and interacts with others is different and people around this person sense this. Often the other recognizes that something is different in a positive way, and the positive attitude has a calming and warming effect that is extremely pleasant. There is no fear, no tension, and a kind of relaxation that is soothing.

Revelatory experiences change people from fear, guilt, anger, resentment in the world of the ego to Love, forgiveness, peace, and bliss in the world of the spirit.

Revelatory experiences are nothing the individual can control. All the individual can do is remove the obstacles and obstacles of the ego to make way for the awareness of Love’s presence which is always with us, but, in the world of the ego, forgotten. All we can do is make way for the awareness of God. The revelation is experienced as an amazing grace.

Today, I will clear the way by removing the idols of the ego for the awareness of Love’s presence in my life. I will take several moments throughout the day to ask the Holy Spirit to help me be willing to do God’s will and open my heart to God’s amazing grace.

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