Saturday, February 29, 2020

Virtue Development - Gratitude and joy

Chapter Five - Gratitude and joy
Part one- Gratitude is a choice; it is a way of living one’s life that fuels a sense of joy.

When one has faith in what really matters to the person, and the person is honest about it, there comes kindness as one extends that faith honesty with others and this brings a gratitude and joy which is ever present.

The virtue of gratitude does not spontaneously arise but comes from a decision making that chooses optimism over pessimism and is grounded in the experience that one is unconditionally loved by God, the Ground of Being.

A person can’t give what a person does not possess. A person can’t authentically love if the person doesn’t feel loved themselves. When one feels loved, fear is not possible and without fear, why would one attack, why would one operate on a principle of scarcity, why would one project guilt onto another for their unhappiness because they don’t experience unhappiness?

Kind people do not suffer and experience psychological and spiritual pain. They experience life from a position of gratitude and this gratitude fuels a sense of joy and well being.

What are you grateful for and how does this gratitude generate a sense of well being and joy? When a person practices gratitude and they experience the resulting joy other people sense this and the experience multiplies.

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