Saturday, February 22, 2020

Virtue Development, Part three, honesty: pretense or genuineness?

Part three - Pretense or genuineness?

:Putting one’s faith in the Spirit and not in the ego, and being consistent in one’s choice, there is no doubt about Truth and what it entails.

The Truth resides in the mysterious and glorious Oneness of all creation and the turning away from separation, locality, and individualistic egoism.

Honesty and truth no longer depends on appearances and form but rather on genuineness, authenticity, and substantive content.

When one is aware of the Ground of Being, one cannot help but to be honest, be the real deal, have their shit together.

Some people have their shit together, but, it seems, that most people don’t. They don’t know themselves very well, and have no idea what makes them tick. They are afraid to find out, scared of their imagined defectiveness and inadequacy. This fear, this sense of shame, clouds their awareness of their natural inheritance of love.

And so honesty, after faith, is a key virtue. It takes a lifetime of practice to forgive our mistaken illusions, our pretense, our deceit and lies, and rest in the authentic and genuine.

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