Wednesday, May 27, 2020

Church management - The mission statement

How to Develop Corporate Mission Statements - Trade Press Services

The organizational mission statement consists of a short succinct statement that is memorable, that all employees, members, and supporters know by heart and they can state easily to describe what the organization is about.

The mission:

UU A Way of Life is a nonprofit educational and advocacy organization that strives to improve spiritual health, reduce immoral and sinful behavior, and work across societal system to improve the common welfare of families, communities, states, nations and the whole planet.

The vision.

The vision of UU A Way Of Life is a world where all people experience peace and joy and share with each other justice, equity, and compassion.

A good mission statement is short, succinct, memorable, and repeatable.

It consists of three parts:

  1. What the organization does
  2. For whom
  3. How

A good vision statement is short, succinct, memorable, and repeatable. It states what the hoped for outcome(s) are if the organization carries out its mission successfully.

Questions for accreditation

  1. Does you church have a short, succint, memorable, repeatable mission statement?
  2. Is there documentation that the mission statement has been sanctioned by the church board, regulatory stateholders, its membership, and other primary stakeholders in the community?
  3. Is there a specified process for updating the mission statement periodically?
  4. Is there documentaon of how programmatice decisions are made with the mission statement in mind?
  5. Is there documentation of how resource allocations are made with the misson statement in mind?
  6. Is there documentation of who in the organization is reponsible for the periodic review and updating of the mission statement?
  7. What percentage of employees, and dues paying members can recite the mission statement from memory spontaneously upon request? (Acceptable threshold is 50%)
  8. What percentage of the public can identify the organization and its mission upon survey within the organization's primary service area?

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