Tuesday, May 26, 2020

Want a more satisfying and fulfilling church? Want to learn how to create and develop one?

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Church management series

UU A Way Of Life is now offering a church management series on a variety of topics. Are you a pastor, a chairperson of a congregational board, a board member, a pledge paying member of a congregation? Is, so you probably would like to see your investment of time, talent, and treasure pay off.

How is your congregation functioning? Is it effective and efficient and viable? Is your church full of life and enthusiasm? Is it accomplishing its mission, realizing its vision, having an impact on its membership and its community?

Your church is either dying, stagnant, or vital. How would you rate it? How would your fellow congregants? How would other people in your community?

Periodically, there will be articles on UU A Way Of Life to help you and your congregation improve your organizational management free of charge. If you would like more personalized consultation contact me at davidgmarkham@gmail.com

Your ideas and reports of your experience are welcome.


  1. I welcome your series. We can use a lot of help. Your previous article about innept outreach and marketing efforts seems very relevant. Most UU church welcoming and mission statements are gobblety guk that rarely do much other than impress the committee that wrote them and approved them. If they were ever focused group tested, it would become apparent how ineffective and even downright confusing they are.

    Let me know how I can help with your efforts to improve church management.

    1. Thank you James for your offer of assistance. Could you send me an email at davidgmarkham@gmail.com so we can communicate off the blog? Thanks.


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