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The Spiritual Life - Rising above the ego on the path of unconditional love.

unconditional love quotes at its finest level

Topic Thirty four
Rising above the ego on the path of unconditional love.

“Love gives you glimpses of meditation, reflections of the moon in the lake - although they are reflections, not the moon itself. So love can never satisfy you. In fact, love will make you more and more dissatisfied, discontented. Love will make your more and more aware of what is possible, but it will not deliver the goods…..The person who loves is bound to become religious sooner or later. P.78

Osho. Maturity: The Responsibility of Being Oneself (Osho Insights for a New Way of Living) . St. Martin's Press.

Love is the path but not the destination. What we are after is enlightenment, to become one with the All. Jesus told us this when His disciple asked Him how they could find HIm and get to where He was going, and Jesus said, “Love as I have loved.”

Love is the way but enlightenment, Oneness is the destination, to return to that from which we have separated ourselves when we were born.

This way of love, though, means that we have to give up the things of the ego. We can’t cling to the idols which we have attached ourselves to which society has told us will make us happy. Money, power, status, special relationships may give us pleasure and temporary happiness, but never abiding joy and bliss.

Embarking on the path of love to enlightenment requires a purification, a renunciation, a liberation from the things of the ego. The spiritual path is paved by the purposeful and deliberate intention to free ourselves from the things of the ego world which encumber us. To love unconditionally is to cut any strings of attachment and to achieve joy and bliss within ourselves.

In what do you put your faith? Is it in the world of the ego or the world of the Spirit? Do you believe in feeding the ego or in rising above it to transcendent majesty?

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