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The Spiritual Life, Topic Thirty One, Seeking is the best religion of all.

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The Spiritual Life, Topic Thirty One
Seeking is the best religion of all

A child who is not conditioned is in many ways embarrassing to the parents. But if they love, they will be ready to do anything. Even if it brings embarrassment, there is no harm. Their child is growing into a unique being. They will help him to remain free, to remain open, to remain available to the unknown future. 

They will help him be a seeker, not a believer. They will not make him a Christian, or a Jew, or a Hindu, or a Mohammedan, because all these religions have done so much harm—it is more than enough. It is time for all the religions to disappear from the planet. Unconditioned children can make that miracle happen because tomorrow they will be young people, mature, and they will not be Christians and Hindus and Mohammedans. They will be just seekers; seeking will be their religion. That’s my definition of a sannyasin: searching, seeking, inquiring is his religion. Beliefs stop all inquiry.

Osho. Maturity: The Responsibility of Being Oneself (Osho Insights for a New Way of Living) . St. Martin's Press. P. 73

Many religions have their creeds. They have their beliefs. There is no need to be curious and to search further because their texts, their clergy, will give you the answers. Unitarian Universalism is a unique religious tradition because it encourages seekers with their curiosity to explore ideas that can give their faith and lives meaning.

Francis David, the Unitarian pioneer back in the 16th century, said that we need not think alike to love alike.

The fourth principle of Unitarian Universalism affirms and promotes the free and responsible search for truth and meaning. And so we socialize our children and grandchildren differently in the UU faith tradition than in other religious organizations.

Osho never identified with Unitarian Universalism and may not have known what the faith tradition involved but Osho taught one of the fundamental principles of Unitarian Universalism which is to question, to seek, and that this curiosity is foundational for a spiritual life.

Seeking implies a religious literacy among Unitarian Universalists which may or may not exist. It is incumbent on UUs to educate themselves about the beliefs, traditions, vocabulary, practices, and values of major world religions. Ignorance does not indicate spiritual maturity, but rather an awareness of  multiple religious ideas and practices, and a discernment leading to a faith one can call their own.

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