Sunday, June 7, 2020

The Moral Unitarian Universalist - "I support your right to protest, but........"

Don't Be Afraid To Change - Ben Francia
"As social media is again flooded with Black Deaths at the hands of police officers as well as those within society who feel that white supremacy permits them to murder us with impunity, there will be this eagerness to “show up” in our social media threads/respond to our tweets about what is happening. So…..
Things NOT to do when Black folks are coping with state-sanctioned murder by police, over-policing, or having the police called on them when they are just living their lives
 Offer support---but with conditions-------telling Black folk that you are fine with them protesting, but…. 
Your role in this is NOT to determine ways for Black folk to express their justifiable rage. Save that energy for telling the world to stop killing us and saying it is acceptable. 
FYI, telling us what MLK would do when the only thing you can quote from his work is PARTS of his “I Have A Dream” Speech will likely result in your feelings being hurt."
Editor's note:
If UUs spent as much time and energy and effort standing up for minorities when they are being abused and disrespected by representatives of power as they do when protesters express their outrage through property danger things would have changed centuries ago in the U.S.
The fact is that most UUs benefit from their privilege and so they are reluctant to rock the boat too hard or challenge the systems of power from which they benefit. When people get uppity and start challenging the status quo, UUs along with other white Americans start getting nervous and try to tamp the energy for change and the expression of outrage down.
Time of UUs to do some soul searching. What systems do they benefit by and why are they scared of change?

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