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The Spiritual Life, Kindness is the measure of a person

30 Inspiring Kindness Quotes That Will Enlighten You -

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Kindness is the measure of a person

The first component to spiritual health is peace and joy, and the second component is kindness.

Kindness is not the same thing as niceness. Being kind and being nice can be two separate things. Kindness is being friendly, considerate, generous and honest. Sometimes kindness is telling people the truth even when it hurts and is upsetting and holding people accountable for doing the right thing. Kindness sometimes requires “tough love.” Niceness often involves avoiding the truth and conflict and just going along to get along. Kindness is made of more courageous stuff.

Kindness can be used as the measure of person. To read a brochure on the topic click here. This brochure can be printed out and distributed if you wish.

The way kindness can be measured simply is to answer the question, “To what extent has kindness been present in myr life in the past several months or year on a scale of 0 -10 with 0 meaning 0% of the time, 10 meaning 100% of the time and 5 meaning 50% of the time?” This is meant to be a self report, and it may be helpful to get a best friend or trusted other who knows you very well like a spiritual director, a therapist, a life partner to rate their perception of the presence of these factors in your life as well.

Once a rating has been identified, this is your baseline. The next question is how can you kick it up a notch over the coming months or year?

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