Wednesday, July 29, 2020

Spiritual Book Discussion - The Spiritual Child - Where does one get a spiritual compass?

Where does one get a spiritual compass?

“Spirituality is the central organizing principle of inner life in the second decade, boosting teens into an adulthood of meaning, purpose, thriving, and awareness.” The Spiritual Child by Lisa Miller, p.3

 Adolescence is a time for forging one’s own identity and finding one’s place in the world. It is a time for the vision quest, leaving home, and learning how to make one’s way to self sufficiency. It is a time when the developing person needs an inner compass beyond the family of origin. Without this inner compass, the person is adrift, confused, perplexed, scared, and then depressed.

To soothe this confusion, perplexity, fear, and depression our society offers chemicals, sex, glamour, status seeking, and risk taking behaviors. The other option is to turn inward and experience a relationship with a Higher Power which provides guidance, intuitive wisdom, courage, and grace. From where does this inner spiritual growth and development come? Did you feel a connection and faith in something bigger than your ego self? What kind of guidance, support, and nurturance did your spirituality receive? From whom? From where? From where will your children and grandchildren receive such nurturance and guidance?

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