Tuesday, July 28, 2020

UU A Way Of Life - Book of the Month, August 2020, The Spiritual Child by Lisa Miller

Beginning in August, 2020, UU A Way Of Life will be featuring a book on spirituality which will be the book of the month. Please read along with us and leave your comments. 

The book for August 202 is the Spiritual Child by Lisa Miller. (If you buy the book from our UU A Way of Life Amazon ad UU A Way Of Life gets a small commission at no charge to the buyer,)

Read with us and join in our discussion of The Spiritual Child.

Lisa Miller’s book, The Spiritual Life, is based on science. Dr. Lisa Miller is a professor of Psychology and Education and the director of the Clinical Psychology Program at Teachers College, Columbia University.

The book focuses primarily on the first two decades of life. She writes, “The absence of support for children’s spiritual growth has contributed to alarming rates of childhood and adolescent emotional suffering and behaviors that put them at risk.” p.3

As a Psychiatric Social Worker with over 50 years of practice in the fields of mental health and substance abuse with clients of all ages as an individual, couple, group, and family therapist, I can support Dr. Miller’s statement having witnessed spiritual impoverishment as being a contributing factor to my client’s mental health and substance abuse problems.

In this increasingly secular age when more and more families are unchurched and religious training and membership is ignored if not disparaged, how are parents to nurture the spiritual life of their children when wider social institutions are not nurturing their’s?

With the rates of childhood depression, anxiety, substance abuse, and suicide on the rise how are we to respond as parents, caregivers, professionals, and citizens in our society?

Join us as we explore some of these questions this month as we read, “The Spiritual Child” by Lisa Miller.

We are starting a Spiritual Book Discussion group. Please join us to add your thoughts, ideas, and preferences to our discussions.

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