Friday, August 28, 2020

Good news for 08/28/20 - Eight police reforms that work and reduce police violence and killings.

Since black people are nearly three times more likely to be killed by police than white people, these recommended policies are what we need to adopt — right now. How inspiring that these young people have helped galvanize this push for solutions!
Here are the eight reforms they studied and recommend based on the results of those studies:
  1. Require comprehensive reporting (every time officers use force or threaten force against someone, they have to report that)
  2. Exhaust all other means before shootings (unsurprisingly, this can reduce police violence by 25 percent)
  3. Ban chokeholds and strangleholds
  4. Require a use-of-force continuum (this limits the weapons or force that can be used depending on the situation)
  5. Require de-escalation (officers have to communicate with subjects, maintain distance and otherwise defuse tense situations whenever possible)
  6. Duty to intervene (officers must stop other officers from using excessive force, and report incidents)
  7. Ban shooting at moving vehicles
  8. Require warning before shooting
And here is their chart showing the reduction in killings associated with each restriction:

For more click here.

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