Friday, September 4, 2020

Spiritual Book Discussion - The Spiritual Child, The pause that refreshes.

Topic Eleven
Prayer - The Pause that refreshes.

Without support and encouragement to keep developing that part of themselves, children’s spiritual development weakens under pressure from a culture that constantly has them feeling judged and pressured to perform, and that trains them to evaluate others the same way. Our culture has not necessarily been welcoming to spirituality and its questions. Our predominantly materialistic, 24/7 media-infused world is not set up for the introspective thought involved in spiritual reflection. We’re pressured to fill downtime with productive activity, and we often feel compelled to fill in any quiet moment with diversions. This is how we live and this is what we’re modeling for our children.

Miller, Dr. Lisa. The Spiritual Child (p. 31). St. Martin's Publishing Group. Kindle Edition.

The world of the ego is extremely demanding, crushing, damaging to the spiritual health of our children and ourselves.

Do we take time for aesthetic pleasures when we can just smell the roses and savor precious moments which fill us with awe, curiosity, and gratitude? The old Coke commercial uses the meme, “The pause that refreshes.” This advertising slogan was used to sell a surgery, caffeine laden soft drink. Supposing we used the same slogan to sell the practice of soulful mindfulness asking ourselves and our children to pause for a minute five times a day as the Muslims do, and pray?

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