Sunday, January 31, 2021

UU A Way Of Life monthly recap for January 2021

A Course In Miracles Workbook Lessons
There were daily articles during January 2021 on lessons 131 - 158. They are referenced to Alcoholics Anonymous one of the largest spiritual development programs in the world and to Unitarian Universalism one of the smallest religious denominations in the United States.
The Course In Miracles workbook is for people at intermediate and advanced levels of spiritual development because it is based on a metaphysical model which is not widely known and shared.
The viewership of UU A Way of Life has decreased probably because of the difficulty of the material which raises an editorial question of whether the blog should strive for the quantity of views or focus itself on a more selected audience. At this point, the goal is to cultivate an audience interested in intermediate and advanced resources for spiritual growth.
Readers of UU A Way Of Life can look forward to more commentary on further A Course In Miracles workbook lessons over the coming month.

Spiritual Book Discussions
Over the month of January, the blog has continued to provide commentary on The Spiritual Child by Lisa Miller and Scripture Unbound by Jonalu Johnstone. The articles on these two books have been sporadic. It is planned to finish The Spiritual Child in February and turn these articles into a course on Spiritual Parenting to be offered in the Spring of 2021.
The discussions of Scripture Unbound has also been more sporadic than hoped for and the plan is to return to a more frequent discussion for the rest of February, 2021. The Spiritual Book Discussion group was started with the goal of 10 members by the end of January, but this goal has not been achieved as the number of group members is 5 with very little activity. The goal to further develop this online discussion group will continue into February and March and perhaps videos and a zoom discussion meeting will be added to encourage more interest.

The Mystic Circle of Unitarian Universalists
The Mystic Circle of Unitarian Universalists was started in January with plans for a novitiate year of training. After a good start, the weekly lessons were not offered, due to the instructor being preoccupied with other duties. It is intended to resume the lessons during February and to continue throughout the year. An online discussion group was also started, and students are being recruited and invited to join.

Stories about UU Mystic Harry Hollywood
The stores about UU mystic Harry Hollywood were started in January, 2021 and will continue to appear on a weekly basis. They are intended to be humorous and insightful about the spiritual life. If you have stories that are humorous and make a spiritual point, please share them with us at UU A Way Of Life at

No new podcasts have been created in January, 2021. The older ones continue to be accessed and listed to. There is a plan to create a new podcast every two weeks.

Support UU A Way Of Life
All materials on UU A Way Of Life are available free of charge as there should be no charge for spiritual services. Your donations of time, talent, and treasure  to support this work are welcome and very much appreciated.

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