Saturday, March 20, 2021

A Course In Miracles Workbook Lesson #199, I am not a body. I am free.

Lesson #199
I am not a body. I am free.

Are you a body with a soul or a soul with a body? This is a crucial question for one who wants to grow spiritually. The answer is that we are a soul with a body. Today’s lesson is very blunt. “I am not a body. I am free.” Wow! Hallelujah!

In Alcohol Anonymous, it is suggested in step three that we turn our will and lives over to the care of God as we understand the concept of God, our Transcendent Source. In other words, it is suggested that we give up the identification with our body and focus on our soul.

In Unitarian Universalism we covenant together to affirm and promote the inherent worth and dignity of every person. This “inherent worth and dignity” does not emanate from our body but from our soul, our mind, our spirit. This emanation is grounded in our Transcendent Source for which our soul is a conduit.

Today, it is suggested that we remind ourselves frequently throughout the day that we are not a body, but a soul and as such we are free from bodily constraints. We can say with peace and joy, “I am not a body. I am free.”

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