Monday, May 3, 2021

And So It Goes - Week of April 25 - May 1, 2021

I am a long time subscriber of The Sun magazine.I am not a big fan of poetry. It's too hard for me to understand most of it to enjoy it. I love most song lyrics but most poetry leaves me stumped and confused. I don't see what people see in a lot of it. Maybe that's part of my brain that never developed.At any rate, I loved a poem in this month's Sun Magazine entitled, "My Late Breast." I understood it, enjoyed it, it made me sad and laugh. It seemed worth mentioning.


People want to show me their photos on their smartphones and sometimes Tik Tok videos. I get invited to join Instagram, SnapChat, and other image platforms. The challenge is to turn being an audience for performance, "look at me," into validating mirroring that empowers and contributes to enhanced awareness, well being, resonance, and mutuality. It should be said, “I’ll look at yours if you will look at mine.” What would such an exchange mean for us?


She said she was ready to die at age 54. She was asked “What is your psychological legacy? What is it that you have learned about life that you would want people to know? You can’t die until you teach them what you've learned.” “Okay,” is what she said, “For next time?” I said, “Right.” She said, “Okay.”


Sometimes all people need in life is an enlightened supportive witness. It’s like sunlight on plants. With that attention they grow and thrive.


He said life seemed overwhelming. I agreed and said it would be alright in the end. He said, “Really?” with a skeptical look. I said, “Absolutely!” not being sure myself but apparently having more faith. In the end, what do we have, really, but faith? There sure aren’t any guarantees.


I was reminded again this week multiple times how important it is in life to accentuate the positive and minimize the negative. Forgiveness and gratitude is so much more effective in enhancing well being than judgment and grievance.


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