Sunday, December 12, 2021

Where there is only love.

The basic decision of the miracle-minded is not to wait on time any longer than is necessary. Time can waste as well as be wasted. The miracle worker, therefore, accepts the time-control factor gladly. He recognizes that every collapse of time brings everyone closer to the ultimate release from time, in which the Son and the Father are One. Equality does not imply equality now. When everyone recognizes that he has everything, individual contributions to the Sonship will no longer be necessary.T-1.V.2:1-6

A Course in Miracles . Foundation for Inner Peace. Kindle Edition. 

What’s time got to do with it? Nothing. Absolutely nothing. In the world of the ego there is time, but in the world of Spirit there is none.

What we yearn for whether we know it or not is the release from time. In the world of time it seems that there is never enough of it or there is way too much of it. In the world of the ego which is the world of scarcity, the ego likes to complain that there is never enough time or too much.

In the world of Spirit there is no scarcity because everything is complete. God and we are One. There no longer is any need for time.

In Alcoholics Anonymous, in step eleven, it is suggested that we improve our conscious contact with God, that we become miracle minded, and in this space time stands still.

In Unitarian Universalism, unconditional love is the desired state of consciousness and in this space there is no time. Time becomes irrelevant. There is no before or after, there is only now.

Today, it is recommended that we stop and just breathe. It is suggested that we rise above the madness of our daily life and reflect on the big picture where there is only Love.

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