Friday, February 11, 2022

Can UU clergy be promoted to higher levels of church authority?

A rabbi and a priest were talking about the perks of each job. The priest mentioned that he gets a rectory to live in that comes with a housekeeper and a cook, all paid for by the church. The rabbi responded by asking if the priest could ever be promoted.

The priest said, “Well, yes, I could be asked to become the archbishop of a larger metro area like Chicago or New York.”

“Is that as high as you can go?” asked the rabbi.

The priest replied, “Well, I could be invited to go to Rome to serve as a cardinal.”

“Is that the end of the line?” the rabbi queried.

The priest mused, “Well, it’s incredibly rare, but I, a humble parish priest, could become thepope, the head of the worldwide Catholic Church.”

The rabbi asked yet once more, “Is that as high as you can go?”

“What are you expecting, for me to become God?” the priest responded indignantly.

The rabbi replied, “Well, why not, one of our boys made it.”

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