Wednesday, April 6, 2022

The definition of spiritual intelligence.

What is “spiritual intelligence”? Spiritual Intelligence, SQ, is a category of intelligence similar to intellectual intelligence, IQ, and Emotional intelligence, EQ. 

The working definition of SQ we will be using here is “The level of awareness of one’s relationship with their Transcendent Source.”

The purpose of religion is the nurturing of the development of spiritual intelligence over the span of the human life cycle. This level of development of spiritual intelligence can be applied to individuals, families, organizations and societies. 

The levels, stages, of spiritual intelligence can be thought of in many ways and each stage may be called different names depending on the model of spiritual development being used.

Michael Beckwith’s model of spiritual intelligence development is relatively simple with four stages: Victim, Manifester, Channeler, and Being. We will describe these stages more fully in coming articles.

The main concern of this article is that most churches do not understand their function in our post postmodern world. The function of the church in our current world is the nurturance of the development of spiritual intelligence. How can this function be performed? What are the church’s goals in carrying out this function? What are the activities which will achieve these goals? What are the resources necessary to carry out these activities? How can the degree of goal achievement be measured? How are the results of goal achievement measurements to be used in the further functioning of the church?

For now consider and answer this question: What is the function of the church in our contemporary world?

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