Saturday, December 11, 2010

Chalica, Day 6, The goal of world community with peace, liberty, and justice for all.

Will it ever happen?

Is this just pie in the sky psychobabble?

Today is the day during Chalica when we dream.

As Albus Dumbledore says, "Don't let your dreams interfere with your living."

The United States spends 50% of its national budget on the military, more than all the other nations of the world combined.

Pope John Paul II said, "If you would have peace first seek justice." and justice is an unattainable goal, the selfish egotistical pigs that we human beings are.

Jesus came to teach us a better way and we killed him. Martin Luther King, Jr. came to show us a better way and we killed him as we did Gandhi, Bobby Kennedy, Malcom X and any number of lesser know people who have fought for truth and justice.

The latest witch hunt is for Julian Assange who has been called a terrorist and deserving of death for revealing the truth to the people oppressed by their own governments.

So, I don't hold out much hope, but it is an inspiring ideal.

If I could just achieve some measure of peace, liberty, and justice in my own immediate family, but alas rather than love, family members have their own "issues". If I have no hope for my immediate family, how can I have hope for the world?

And yet in my own heart I have a almost full measure of peace, liberty, and justice. Why? Because I am ready to die for it. I have nothing to fight for anymore. I am ready to surrender. It is in surrender than one finally finds liberty and peace. And if one can rise far enough above it all, even justice in the huge scheme of things.

This is the Christmas story where God Almighty decided to become human. Talk about surrender. God's surrender to humanity is total and mysterious, but God did it and we killed him so what does that tell you about us humans?

We are a despicable lot, we are, but don't give up. Keep the faith! Every Christmas and now on the 6th day of Chalica we re-commit ourselves once again to work for justice, liberty, and peace. My advice though is start in your own relationships and then let me know how obtainable you think this goal is.

As Kurt Vonnegut said, "......and so it goes."

As Jesus of Nazareth was fond of saying, "Oh yee of little faith..........."

As Dave Markham says, "Keep the flame of peace, liberty, and justice alive in our hearts as best we can."


  1. You taking your meds? You seem depressed.

  2. @ Anonymous You "diagnosing" aka pathologizing David Markham?

    You sound like too many of the U*Us I know. . .

    Heck a "like-minded" Montreal Unitarian U*U told me to go home and take my meds just a few weeks ago just because I was displaying some rather embarrassing picket signs in front of her so-called Unitarian church. The only problem is I have not been diagnosed by a competent mental health professional as suffering from any mental illness that might actually require meds in the last little while. There are no "meds" for me to go home and take. . .

    Even if David *is* somewhat depressed, are "meds" *really* "the best medecine", or are there not other ways of dealing with various forms of depression? Maybe a little more peace, justice and liberty in the real world and the "less than just" U*U World would go a long way to making a great many people feel less depressed. No?

    Quite frankly, unless you know that a person has been diagnosed with a mental illness and been prescribed with some "meds" of one kind or another, it is rude and insulting to ask -

    "You taking your meds?"

  3. As Marie G might say... it's all about choice...
    What choice will I make today?
    Can it make a difference?
    To whom?

    Hang in there, Dave...